SAP HANA CAP Development

This article describes how to build Cloud Application Programming Model projects (CAP projects) and according artefacts with Core Data Services (CDS).

Source: ABAP Freak Show Ep. 1 - HANA Cloud and the Business Application Studio

For local native development see SAP HANA Local Native Development

All-in-one Quick Start:

More Repositories: --> Use opensap*-Branches

Installation of Prerequisites

Relevant Tools from SAP

npm i -g @sap/cds
npm i -g @sap/cds-dk

Additional 3rd Party Tools1

npm i -g hana-cli

Create CDS Project

cds init bookshop


cds init MyCDSProject --add hana, mta

Download and install dependencies:

npm install

Start Service

cds watch

This also monitors changes to the underlying files and restarts when a file has changed.

Add Persistency to CDS

In case of SQLite first install SQLite3 packages by executing in the root of the project folder:

npm i sqlite3 -D

Deploy data model to different database types:

cds deploy --to sqlite          # Deploys to sqlite.db
cds deploy --to sqlite:my.db    # Deploys to my.db
cds deploy --to hana            # Deploys to HDI container on HANA
                                # (Requires Cloud Foundry login)    

This also updates the package.json secion cds.requires.db.

In order to see the actual created SQL statements:

cds compile srv/cat-service.cds --to sql     # Creates SQL statements
cds compile srv/cat-service.cds --to hana    # Creates hdbcds or hdbtable/hdbview artefacts

When deployed to SQLite database use this statement to view the database:

sqlite3 my.db -cmd .dump

Deployment to SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)

Login to CF space:

cf login

Build Deployment Package

cds add hana

package.json needs to contain "kind": "hana". (really? - for which CF / HANA Cloud Version?)

Also when deploying to BTP which is internally HANA 4.0 "deploy-format": "hdbtable" has to be set and hdi-deploy should be at least version 4. Example:

    "devDependencies": {
        "@sap/hdi-deploy": "^4"
    "cds": {
        "hana": {
            "deploy-format": "hdbtable"
        "requires": {
            "db": {
                "model": [
                "kind": "hana"

Deploy via Cloud Foundry CLI

Build the deployment artifacts:

cds build/all
cds build --production         # Only production profile?

Create a hana service for the hdi-container. The stated hdi-container name must correlate to the services-name in /gen/db/src/manifest.yaml.

cf create-service hana hdi-shared <app-db-hdi-container>

Now push the DB deployer application and also the actual service application:

cf push -f gen/db
cf push -f gen/srv --random-route

Deploy via MTA

Install MTA Build Tool

npm install -g mbt

Generate MTA project descriptor file mta.yaml and build MTA archive:

cds add mta
mbt build

Deploy MTA archive to CF space:

cf deploy mta_archives/<buildmta>.mtar


Real-time output of CF services can be displayed in BAS terminal with

cf logs <appname>