Deploy Fiori App To SAP Cloud Foundry

This article describes how to deploy a SAP Fiori App built locally with Visual Studio Code to SAP Cloud Foundry.

It is based on the following article that describes how to deploy a SAP Fiori App build with SAP Business Application Studio:



npm i -g mbt
npm i -g yo

In case of Windows also install GNU make 4.2.1:

Download from

Move it to a suitable local directory, i.e. C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Programs

Add the directory to the PATH environment variable.

Rename the downloaded file to make.exe

Install cf plugin for deployment:

cf install-plugin -f

Add Additional Config Files

Deployment config:

npx fiori add deploy-config

The deployment config contains where to deploy:

  • HTML5 Application Repository
  • Required Destinations
  • Authorization Services for Security

It will be stored in the following files:

  • ui5-deploy.yaml
  • xs-app.json
  • xs-security.json
  • manifest.json (?) (ID, name, dependencies, and destinations of OData)

Fiori Launchpad config:

npx fiori add flp-config

Build & Deploy

npm run build:mta
npm run deploy