How to Access HDI Containers (SAP HANA)

Maybe you have already tried to access tables in HDI containers with SYSTEM oder DBADMIN users and have failed.

Or maybe you were only able to access tables in HDI containers with the HDI container runtime user (RT-User, some call it the technical user).

General Principle

The SYSTEM or DBADMIN User has no access to HDI container tables.

Neither of these users can directly grant this access to HDI container tables to other users as neither of them has it itself.

For that is needed to create the following users in the following order:

  1. HDI Administrator
  2. HDI Container Group Administrator
  3. HDI Container Administrator (can be the same user as the group administrator)

There are a couple of stored procedures in the HANA db which enable you to create the users listed above.

This the following hands on video and reference articles describe how to create the new user listed above and enable it to access data inside a HDI container.


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