MediaWiki Administration

This page describes how do execute different maintenance tasks on the MediaWiki server instance.

Maintenance Scripts

Delete Old Versions

The following script located in the maintenance subfolder deletes old versions / revisions of a page.

When started with --delete it actually deletes the revisions. Otherwise it displays, how many items it would delete.

Specifing a page ID limits the actions to the given page.


Shows how many revisions for page ID 111 it would delete:

php deleteOldRevisions.php 111

Delete all revisions for page ID 111

php deleteOldRevisions.php --delete 111


Update Version

Download and extract:

$ cd /path/to/your/new/installation/  
$ wget
$ tar -xvzf mediawiki-1.35.0.tar.gz 
$ rm mediawiki-1.35.0.tar.gz

Copy from old directory:

  • LocalSettings.php
  • Images Directory
  • favicon.ico
  • htaccess if existing


Go to maintenance subdirectory and execute:

$ php update.php


Check special page

  • Current Version
  • Start Points
  • Extensions
  • Libraries