SAP BW/4HANA Knowledge Base

This is a loosely related collection of bits and pieces of SAP BW/4HANA Knowledge.

Therefore it will be most likely extended and restructured over time.

External SAP HANA Views

Can be generated for

  • CompositeProvider
  • DataStore Object (advanced)
  • InfoObject
  • BW/4HANA Query
  • Query as a InfoProvider

Views will be stored in a SAP HANA Package. The package name can be maintained with:

  • Transaction SPRO → BW/4HANA Customizing → BW/4HANA → Data Modelling → Settings for generating of external SAP HANA Views

Management for external SAP HANA Views:

  • Transaction RS2HANA_VIEW → Define SAP HANA content package for generated views
  • Transaction RS2HANA_ADMIN → List of all existing generated SAP HANA Views with corresponding BW/4HANA objects
  • Transaction RS2HANA_CHECK → Check tool for SAP HANA Views, mainly for authorization setup
  • BW/4HANA Cockpit → External SAP HANA Views

In order to access SAP HANA views, that have been generated by SAP BW/4HANA, the following authorizations are needed:

  • SELECT on _SYS_BI Object privilege
  • EXECUTE on REPOSITORY_REST(SYS) Package privilege
  • REPO.READ on content package containing generated SAP HANA views
  • Session client must correspond to SAP BW/4HANA system client

Open ODS Views

Dependencies for DB Connect Source System

Open ODS Views

Table RSLOGSYSMAP for DB Connect for table and view access

Create Datasource from Open ODS View with transaction RSODSVIEW

Operational Data Provisioning (ODP)

ODP_SAP Source System

Based on the service API SAPI, which is a collection of programs used in SAP BW and BW/4HANA. It is contained in software component PI_BASIS. Many componentes are obsolete, because of ODP with SAP NetWeaver.

SAP Delivered DataSources

A extractor for the DataSource needs to be released for ODP in the source system with program BS_ANLY_DS_RELEASE_ODP.

Generic DataSources

Are created and maintained in the source system for:

  • Transaction Data
  • Master Data
  • Texts

Can be released for ODP in the source system with program BS_ANLY_DS_RELEASE_ODP.

Transaction: SBIW → Generic DataSources → Maintain Generic DataSources (Transaction RSO2)

Possible Sources:

  • DB Views and Tables
  • SAP Query InfoSets
  • Function Modules

In order to integrate a delta process with a generic DataSource there must bge a way of identifying the records that have already been transferred by specifying a a delta field which can be:

  • Timestamp
  • Date
  • Numeric pointer

The ODP API shows only extractors, that support DataServices 4.0. These are listed in Table ROOSATTR with EXPOSE_EXTERNAL=X.

A extractor can be added to this table with program RODPS_OS_EXPOSE.

Business Content DataSources

  • Transaction RSA5

Post Processing of Data Sources

In order to display activated DataSources in the source system:

  • Transaction SBIW → Postprocessing of DataSources → Edit DataSources and Application Component Hierarchy (Transaction RSA6)

Operational Delta Queue (ODQ)

Show delta queues for all providers and subscribers by looking at

  • Transaction ODQMON Operational Delta Queue Monitoring

Debugging of DataSources

Transaction RSA3: Extractor checker für S-API

Program RODPS_REPL_TEST acts as a additional subscriber. Warning: A test subscriber ist added to the system. ODP sources have only one delta queue, which is shared between the various subscribers. Therefore Delta/Init of a replication can impact other subscribers.

Logistics Data Extraction (LO Cockpit)

Fields needed for SAP BW will be maintained in the extraction structures in the SAP ERP system and then technically added to the extraction structures.

  • Transaction SBIW → Settings for Application-Specific DataSources (PI) → Logistics → Managing Extract Structures → Activate/Edit Extraction Structures (Transaction LBWE)

Events and Jobs

Events are trigger for jobs in SAP.

Create events with transaction SM62 View and Maintain Background Events.

Create background job with transaction SM36 and specify the name of the event as Start Condition.

Process Chains

A directly scheduled process chain creates a scheduled job named BI_PROCESS_TRIGGER.

When a process chain is started using meta chain or API no BI_PROCESS_TRIGGER will be scheduled. The start of the process chain happens via RFC function module RSPC_API_CHAIN_START.

Transaction RSPCM: Monitoring of last run of selected process chains

Transaction RSPC: Process chain maintenance and log view of process chains.

Transaction RSPC1: Process chain maintenance and log view for one specific process chain.

BW Queries

Enable additional preview options

Transaction SPRO → SAP BW/4HANA Customizing Implementation Guide → BW/4HANA → Analysis → Set Query Execution for Query Design Tools

Show and create groups for Calculated and Restricted Key Figures:

Either use InfoProvider View or transaction RSZTREE


Currency Translation Types: Transaction RSCUR

Unit Conversion Types: Transaction RSUOM

Report-Report Interface (RRI)

Sender/receiver assignment: Transaction RSBBS

Managing Queries

Copy Query: Transaction RSZC

Delete Query: Transaction RSZDELETE

Permissions / Authorizations

Authorizations consist of Standard Authorizations and Analysis Authorizations.

Management of Analysis Authorizations: Transaction RSECADMIN

Role Maintenance: Transaction PFCG

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Description
S_RS_AUTH Analysis authorizations
S_RS_COMP Work with queries
S_RS_COMP1 Work with query components, contains also the owner field of the component

SAP HANA Modeling

All calculation views are called column views and published in schema _SYS_BIC. This schema and all its objects belong to database user _SYS_REPO.